Agile Inspirations is about helping teams transform and be Agile.  Being Agile is a mindset to continuously learn, improve, and grow.  I call this the “Spirit of Agile” which is having Transparency, excellent Communication, and great Collaboration.  I believe through this, teams will accomplish their goals and deliver superior results.

I’ve worked in the software industry for 17 years and for most of that time, the approach to software was waterfall (i.e. hand-off mentality).  When I learned about Agile 6 years ago, I thought to myself, “why haven’t we been doing this approach all along?”  It was such a better way to approach projects, especially in fast-paced environments where there was uncertainty and ambiguity.

In helping teams transform, I found teams to be more engaged and willing to work together, which created an environment of innovation and collaboration.  An environment that I wanted to work in.  This was the most fulfilling part of my job and I want to help more teams realize this.