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Agile Planning Cards
Agile Planning Cards can be used for your Agile estimation and planning needs. With amazing color and design, these cards make it easy to estimate and have fun doing so. The goal is to spark...
Appreciation Cards with Lapel Pin
A simple thank-you note is good, these Appreciation Greeting Cards with Motivating Lapel Pin are even better! Why not stand out from the crowd and give recognition along with a keepsake that can be worn...
Read the latest articles on Being Agile and ways to create highly effective Agile teams in How-To, Leadership, and Team.   3 easy, budget friendly ways to recognize employees Top performers are hard to find.  In a recent Gallup...
Magnetic Dry Erase Cards
Magnetic Dry Erase Cards are specifically designed to be written on and rubbed off smoothly and reused for future assignments.   Better Organization Writeable magnets with a dry-wipe surface on the non-magnetic side are perfect...

Recent Articles

3 easy, budget friendly ways to recognize employees
Top performers are hard to find.  In a recent Gallup poll on the American workforce, “Employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as...
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How to Facilitate an Agile Working Session
There are times when a team needs a half day, a whole day, or even 3-day working session to get through certain topics to reach...
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High-Performing Teams are Highly Effective Agile Teams
What are High-Performing Teams? When I see a highly effective Agile team working, I think of High-Performing Teams.  The way I define a high-performing team...
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Servant Leadership in an Agile Culture
Servant Leadership, a definition Servant Leadership is a term that comes up from time to time in talking about Agile. What is Servant Leadership? “The...
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Radical Candor for Agile Managers
To help teams become high performing, as an Agile Manager, you will need to give feedback to individuals from time to time. Feedback is important to...
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Agile Estimation Exercises for Your Team
Here are some fun estimation exercises for teams starting in Agile or for teams that want practice in relative estimation. Exercise 1: Making a Fruit...
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